Push Button Emailer for all your bulk email, internet marketing, network marketing and MLM sales needs.
Here's what I mean. You spend so much of your time on the marketing side of your business (which we're good at) that you simply DON'T have time to be successful (which is what you should be good at).
Now don't get me wrong here. You MUST HAVE a marketing side to your business. That's where we come in. We KNOW the marketing game. We KNOW how to get people to OPTIN to your list. Check it out in this quick clip:
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1/2 The Leads WANT To Buy
  1/2 The Leads Are PROVEN Buyers
  ALL The Leads Are Pre-Qualified
 ALL The Leads Are EXCLUSIVE To You
How Can That Be TRUE???
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Are you sick and tired of all the run around nonsense you see online. We are too. So, we decided to lay it out plain and simple. We're willing to put our GUARANTEE in black and white for everybody to see. Why??? That's simple. We know we can deliver. We are the ORIGINAL. We've been at this for years. So, here it is:
Push Button Emailer GUARANTEES To Deliver
At Least 600 Double Optins From Biz Opp Seekers
And 600 Network Marketing / Proven Buyer Leads
Directly To YOUR Auto Responder Every Month
We do ALL the marketing (which we're good at). We generate ALL the leads (which we're good at). We write ALL the messages (which we're good at). ALL you do is respond to questions (which is what YOU should be good at).
I've always taught a 'Divide and Conquer' approach. It just makes more sense. And in business, it usually makes more dollars and cents. Push Button Emailer now provides that win-win that everybody has always tried to find.
What Are Some Of Your
Successful Competitors Saying???
Randy Hollingsworth Hey Dennis, I'll admit that I was a little nervous about the Push Button Emailer system, but as you usually do, you definitely over-delivered. Hands off really means hands off! I login and guess what, more responsive leads. Plus, what's great is that my emails are hitting inboxes.
...Randy Hollingsworth
Becky Koyle I started receiving leads within 24 hours of signing up. I am averaging 20 biz opp and 20 mlm leads daily with zero effort from me. All I had to do was join, and boom, all the leads started coming in. Every day I check my account and there are more leads, over 150 leads within just a few days. Plus I not only get the email address, but also the first and last name and phone number of these double optin contacts. I think that for newbies who have no idea how to generate leads to build their online business, this is for sure worth the money! Dennis does a great job walking you through every step of the way with video tutorials and if you have additional questions, the support team answers those tickets very quickly. This is a great value and I'm excited to see how my business can grow with this tool. Thanks PBE!
...Becky Koyle
PhyllisBush I am really excited about Push Button Emailer. It has done just what Dennis said. Within one hour of turning the system on, I had more leads than I thought possible. I am truly grateful to have found this system. This is just what my business needed. This system is awesome!!!!!!!!! Thank You.
...Phyllis B.
Let's Get Down To The Nitty-Gritty
Is PBE REALLY Worth The Money???
For Your 'Duh' Moment Details: Click HERE
David Shirar The setup of PBE was so easy even a caveman could do it. Plus, my leads started coming in right away. The system has delivered as promised and has produced more leads for my business without a shred of work than any other system has. Whether you're a veteran or a newbie, if you want a done for you system, PBE is by far the BEST. I'm even looking at ordering a second system.
...David Shirar
Rick Garcia If you're looking for something that performs as promised for a change, PBE is it! This is the opposite of other systems that say 'start right away', and then require pages and pages of set up instructions be followed. With PBE, all I did was signup and leads started to pour in within 24 hours. The training Dennis gives is simple, direct and no fluff. Right to the point, just what's needed. What a breath of fresh air. In fact, after signing up, I was still a bit skeptical. I was resigned that this would not work, but after checking my back office I was sure happy to find dozens and dozens of leads in the Biz-Opp and MLM categories filling up automatically. PBE is great if you're new, great if you 'don't do tech', great if you have been disappointed before and finally want results.
...Rick Garcia
Bob Ullman This was the easiest setup that I have ever seen for a great emailer. Building my list is the most important part of my business and this is the most cost effective way I have found to do it. I also love that they are verified email addresses and giving me the phone, name and business name is making me very, very happy. Congrats Dennis on a real winner!
...Bob Ullman
OK!!! What's In It For You???
Freedom Of Your Personal Time
Freedom From Techie Experience
Freedom From Lead Generation
Freedom From Marketing Worries
Freedom To Control YOUR Success!!!
After all, isn't that what it's all about? Control equals success! We've already laser targeted your audience. We've already fine tuned all the messages. All you do is respond to questions from interested buyers everyday. That's what I call FREEDOM!
Daniel Prins PBE is an extraordinary tool. It delivers EXACTLY what was promised. I started to get the promised leads immediately and received the first inquiries for my business the next day! With a little practice I expect to be a very grateful Push Button Emailer member and also a real enthusiastic PBE reseller. Congrats to Dennis and his team!
...Daniel Prins
J.J. Ulrich Smash Solutions is an excited and proud new user of Push Button Emailer! Our team has had the blessed opportunity to work with many of the products offered by Dennis and his team. PBE has been chalked up our success column for being simple, successful and most of all effective. Dennis has the unique skill set of being able to tap into people's mind and find what is effective and simple thus resulting in creating a windfall of leads! This system is the definition of simple. Step one, sign up. Step two, activate. Step three get leads. Great job and thank you for allowing Smash Solutions to be a very proud customer of multiple accounts!.
...J.J. Ulrich
Dennis and Sandy Guest Push Button Emailer is by far the best Marketing System ever. The setup is simple and requires little knowledge and effort. The leads start coming in immediately, and the training is the best in the industry. We have been network marketers for 15 years, and this system is really a dream come true. The customer service is fantastic. You will receive an answer in hours, not days. Best of all, it is affordable for all who want internet success.
...Dennis and Sandy Guest
Let's Take A REAL Look
At This BAD BOY In Action!!!
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Lucy Fleury Hi Dennis. Your PBE system is the BEST ever. It was super simple. I didn't really have to do anything except decide to get on board and submit my link. That's it. You kept your word and delivered what you promised. This done for you method of marketing is great. Finally some of us will start to make some money. I like the way you explain the process and break it down to 3rd grade simple. This is a must have for newbies and those of us who are struggling to get quality leads for our online business. Thank you so much for coming to our rescue. I think PBE is the best thing for just about any internet marketer.
...Lucy Fleury
Brett Gurney After working with Dennis and PBE for the past three years, and watching him deliver time after time, I had no doubts that the new Done-For-You system would be a smashing success, but i was honestly not prepared for how truly awesome it really was. The leads began arriving day one and continue daily at the promised rate, and the quality of the leads meets my expectations and beyond. The sheer ease of organizing my business and communications with the leads and prospects in the back office is beyond anything I have worked with before. All in all I must say I'm very impressed, but maybe more importantly than that I know this is the perfect hands off system for any networker whether they are a "newbie" or a "pro". My final words are Bravo! to Dennis Bayne and his completely Done-For-You marketing system...best I've seen in this industry yet!
...Brett Gurney
Kjell Sherman PBE is absolutely essential for my marketing success. I have a real strong product and can effectively explain it. So, all I need are targeted leads to set the stage. PBE does that for me with a couple of simple, tech-free clicks. PBE not only turns the most mundane, time crushing task of finding real clients into an afterthought, it all but places me right in my prospects' living rooms where they welcome both me and my message! So Dennis, here's a heartfelt thanks for putting more productive hours back in my day and more cash in my pocket!
...Kjell Sherman
Push Button Emailer IS
A DEFINITE Solution To Your Problem
We Do ALL The Marketing
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We Generate ALL The Leads
For More Details: Click HERE
We Write ALL The Messages
For More Details: Click HERE
You Receive Optins EVERYDAY
For More Details: Click HERE
We Create The Initial Sales Funnel
For More Details: Click HERE
We Create Your Personal Sales Funnel
For More Details: Click HERE
ALL The Opens, Optins And Leads Are Exclusive To You
For More Details: Click HERE
Other IMPORTANT Benefits Include:
Create Landing Pages On The Fly
For More Details: Click HERE
Excellent, White Listed Inbox Delivery
For More Details: Click HERE
Built-In Contact Management System
For More Details: Click HERE
Internal "Do Not Email" List Scrubbing
For More Details: Click HERE
Automatic, One Click Unsub And FULL Reporting
For More Details: Click HERE
ALL Follow-Ups Are Totally CAN_SPAM Compliant
For More Details: Click HERE
FREE, High Priority Ticket Support System
For More Details: Click HERE
Harvey The Silver Fox I would like to give Dennis and his Support Team kudos for the PBE marketing platform they designed. I've been doing email marketing with very little results for the last 10 years. Within 2 days of just simply plugging in my URL into the system, I started to receive fresh MLM and BIZ Opp optin leads with all their contact info. In that 2 days I received more responses than I had for the last 3 mths of the old traditional way of emailing. Hey Dennis, you're a genius...
...Harvey The Silver Fox
BrunoGiacomuzzi I had already set my system up, but a couple days later when I first logged in to take a look around, I was surprised to already find 138 leads in my auto responder. All that happened without me lifting a finger. Actually, I wasn't all that surprising. I know that Dennis always delivers. He wanted to make things as easy for his Members as possible and that is what he has done. At first, I was afraid of how I would manage all this stuff. But after reviewing the back office, I now see that if you are starting a business this is the best for every newbie. I also like that Dennis explains most every thing with a video. That's great help in any situation. By the way, his advertising messages are exceptional, the best of the best.
...Bruno Giacomuzzi
Mario Jones This is just a Big Thank You to Dennis. You've done it again. You stated in the videos how easy the setup of the system would be. All I really did was put in my link and I was up and running. Even a newbie could handle that. For me, my leads started showing up in less than 24 hours. I really believe your training is very detailed and top notch. The business model you came up with is set it and forget it and pre qualified leads are in my back office ready for me to call them. This is a great model for anyone wanting to build a real relationship with people. Thanks Dennis.
...Mario Jones
Did Someone Say
I DEFINITELY don't like the government's way of spreading the wealth. But, if I DECIDE to share it, that's different. Watch this video to check out our brand new Affiliate Program!
$200 INSTANT Commission
Plus, $20 Monthly Residual Income Per Referral!!!
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Disclaimer: You should not purchase this product based on any earnings potential described in any of our materials. We do not know your marketing skills. Therefore, any and all results will vary. Instead, make your decision based on the potential functionality of the product in conjunction with your business. That's where the value lies. Then, any commissions you may earn, although not guaranteed, are icing on the cake.
Doc Bravo I just 'setup' the automated PBE system. The great part of that 'setup' is that it was simply providing my business link and clicking the "Fire This Bad Boy Up" button. Leads started rolling in within a couple of hours! In my opinion, if you're a networker you should review the info and join PBE asap. Take BIG Action. Now it's your turn to 'Fire This Bad Boy UP!' See you on the inside.
...Doc Bravo
Lanny Knotts As for PBE, I was impressed with the ease of the start-up. We fired the system up on a Wednesday evening. Within 10 minutes I had my first lead. 30 minutes later we saw a total of three leads. By 8am the next morning 10 more. We then left town for the weekend. The next time I checked the back office on Sunday evening at 8pm we had 96 leads. I'm not a techie person, but with all the video training, Dennis makes it so easy. I love his straight forward approach: 'just tell it like it is.' Thanks for putting together a system that brings people to us. I see this not only for the seasoned MLMer needing to get their product before many people but also for the newbie just wanting something simple to make extra income.
...Lanny Knotts
Susan Goddard Hey Dennis, I basically did not have to do anything but sign up and put in my business link! All the other things needed to get the PBE system fired up were fully automated. My leads started coming in immediately! Even the follow-up messages were already in place. Can't ask for anything more! You definitely did everything you said you would do and more. Thanks for the Push Button Emailer system, it works like a charm!
...Susan Goddard
Can't Decide? No Problem!
Let's Do A Quick Review:
Don't know if Push Button Emailer is right for you? Let's touch on some of
the high points and look at the BENEFITS of this powerful type of maketing.
Once you dig a little deeper, I think you'll agree that PBE is EXACTLY what your business needs right now. Remember that with our service, we do ALL the marketing and you get ALL the opens, optins and leads. That happens over and over again to the tune of 40 potential buyers EVERYDAY. Plus, all the leads are EXCLUSIVE to you within our system.
YES!!! It's As SIMPLE As That!!!
An ABSOLUTE No-Brainer For ANY Network Marketer
Jim Robinson The PBE "Done For You' lead service has NO competition! A real game changer. A secret weapon for any and all serious marketers. The leads just keep pouring in!
...Jim Robinson
Todd Stadig PBE is an absolute must for anyone involved in network marketing. The program is exactly what Dennis presented in the videos. It's amazing to know that all I have to do is check my contact manager and every day I'll have a new batch of interested people to talk with about my business. Its easy to navigate and perfect for newbies and experienced marketers. I wonder if people fully realize the true value of what is being provided. Its refreshing to be involved with a program that does deliver as promised without hype and unrealistic expectations. I think most people just want to know what is real and this is the real thing. Thank you for providing this invaluable service.
...Todd Stadig
Leo Palmer Hi my name is Leo Palmer. All I did was add my business link to the system and in my first 30 minutes I started getting leads. Thanks Dennis for giving us a system that helps us to create our wealth
...Leo Palmer
Still Have Questions?
We're Here To HELP!
Here Is Our Contact Information
You Have Been Personally Invited To This Website By:
Name: Richard Brewster
Phone: 4036194246
Email: k2nhelp@yahoo.com
Michael Shaw Hi Dennis. It's Michael. I just wanted to say that I think your PBE platform deserves five stars out of five stars. Within 24 hours of joining I already had leads in my back office. The best part was I didn't have to do anything to generate these leads myself. It has been all hands off. I also had my first $200 payment within days of joining the system. Dennis I don't know how you do what you do technology wise but I really like all the results I'm seeing.
...Michael Shaw
Dr. Billi Dixon I want to take just a moment to thank Dennis Bayne and the Push Button Emailer "Done For You" Team, for the outstanding platform that they have put together. If anyone, and I do mean anyone, is just starting out as an Internet Marketer, or if even you're a seasoned Internet Marketer, this 'Done For You' service with all the guaranteed optins is definite must have! All I can say is that since my involvement with PBE and their awesome 'Done For You' service with guaranteed optins (which is unheard of in this industry), my business has taken off at an unbelievable pace! Guys this is a no brainer! I just wish I had this system in place when I started out 16 years ago! Again, Thank You Dennis and the PBE Team! You are truly a Blessing.
...Dr. Billi Dixon
John Cox Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of the Push Button Emailer System! As for the ease of setup: all I had to do was say yes! Were my leads on time: they came in exactly as promised and have continued to come each day! oes it work exactly like you said it would: absolutely! Opt-ins keep being added daily! What do I do to keep it running: just sit back and enjoy the results! I would encourage anyone old or new new to online marketing to get on board! If you are tired of paying for leads and trying to generate opt-ins and having to configure and send out emails while trying to avoid spam then PBE is the ticket!
...John Cox
NO Software To Download
Access Everything You Need From ANYWHERE
That's right. Since there's nothing to download, Push Button Emailer works with a Mac or a PC. That means you can access everything you need from anywhere you can get an internet connection. But, the BEST THING is that everything is still working in the back ground whether or not you ever log into your back office and/or have an internet connection.
Ryan Gunness What can I say Dennis? I really love how I have a very constant flood of new people that are being exposed to my business everyday, all on autopilot. This is truly genius. PBE is a must have for experienced folks and newbies alike. A big thank you to Push Button Emailer and their entire Support Team.
...Ryan Gunness
Tommy Hicks Push Button Emailer exceeded ALL of my expectations. This platform was simple to set up. The leads started coming in WAY faster than I expected. All the videos Dennis does are very easy to follow and make everything crystal clear. I'm definitely glad I chose PBE. it delivers way beyond what it promises. Thanks Dennis!
...Tommy Hicks
Thomas Jones WOW! I have never ever used a system closer to automatic pilot than Push Button Emailer. The system was a cinch to set up. It was 'Set it and Forget it', but then the leads started to roll in. In a word, AWESOME!!!
...Thomas Jones
OK! What's It Going To Cost To Get
1200 Optins And Leads EVERY Month?
Extra SPECIAL Pricing!!!
Good Through Midnight:
Watch The Video Below For Details
Trouble With Video??? Paste this DIRECT Link into a NEW window:
No Contract. Month To Month. Cancel At Any Time.
Disclaimer: You should not purchase this product based on any earnings potential described in any of our materials. We do not know your marketing skills. Therefore, any and all results will vary. Instead, make your decision based on the potential functionality of the product in conjunction with your business. That's where the value lies. Then, any commissions you may earn, although not guaranteed, are icing on the cake.
John Martens The PBE platform is superb. It is a complete Lead System and Autoresponder Package that is totally automated. It already has professionally written messages that drips on your prospects on auto pilot. I am already getting incoming calls and emails about my primary business and I've basically just started. The high caliber leads for the low fee is totally worth going full swing with PBE. I don't know of a better service available online, and wish it had been available for me a long time ago! Perfect if you are just getting started, and essential for any networker that is trying to build their online business. What are you waiting for? Grab the PBE Marketing System for yourself right NOW!
...John Martens
Christina Orcutt I did my research homework on PBE because I wanted to find a tool...one that would be easy to set up, one that would be affordable, and one that would PRODUCE prospects. Plus in my case, I need simple. I need easy. So as you can imagine, I thankfully made my payment with ease, had my PBE System set up in a couple minutes, and never had a problem seeing how it all works. So, do you think I'm really happy with PBE? If I could go back in time I would have stuck with marketing tools, instead of jumping from one MLM to another. It took me a long time to see that owning the hardware store was the way to go. Some gold miners hit the jackpot in the gold mining days, but the hardware stores got rich providing the tools of the trade. I guess it's never too late to learn that. Thanks Dennis. You did a good job bringing the hardware store to us!
...Christina Orcutt
Nicole Celaj Thank you for putting together such an awesome system!!! I can't believe I got my first call from someone interested in MY business within 24 hours. I also love that you obtain phone #'s as well. It makes the follow-up so much easier and converting into sales at that point is a no-brainer! I was so tired of trying new traffic sources and just having to wait around, hoping for someone to open my emails. This is a definite game-changer! I had over 250 hot leads within 3 days. Plus as an affiliate, PBE has given me NEW stream of income. WHOOHOOO!!!!!
...Nicole Celaj

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